Sprint / Super Mods

Sprint / Super Mods

Regardless of the size of your engine, American Racer has a tire that will optimize your performance on a Sprint or a Super Mod. For more details on our variety of Sprint and Super Mod asphalt racing tires, see the technical specifications below.

Available Tread Patterns





DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, MOUNT ANY AMERICAN RACER TIRE ON A WHEEL THAT DOES NOT MEET TIRE AND RIM ASSOCIATION STANDARDS. USE OF AMERICAN RACER TIRES ON WHEELS THAT DO NOT MEET TIRE & RIM ASSOCIATION STANDARDS CAN CAUSE THE ASSEMBLY TO FAIL AND BURST WITH EXPLOSIVE FORCE SUFFICIENT TO CAUSE SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY OR DEATH. AMERICAN RACER TIRES SOLD BY RTA ARE INTENDED TO BE USED EXCLUSIVELY ON TIRE RIMS DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED TO COMPLY WITH TIRE & RIM ASSOCIATION (T&RA) STANDARDS AND SPECIFICATIONS. Any person using American Racer racing tires on wheels that do not meet T&RA standards and specifications or on damaged wheels assumes responsibility for these dangerous actions and agrees to reimburse RTA (and its affiliated companies) for all loss, damage or cost it may suffer because of such actions. Wheel standards and specifications can be obtained by writing to: Tire & Rim Association, 175 Montrose West Avenue, Suite 150, Copley, Ohio 44321 or by consulting your rim manufacturer.

CHEMICALLY ALTERING TIRES – Race Tires America does not authorize or permit:(1) chemical alteration of the tread carcass and/or tread compound, such as tire “soaking”; (2) use of tread “softener”; or (3) the physical defacement (removal, altering or covering), of tire sidewall markings in any manner. Failure to comply with this warning could result in premature or catastrophic tire failure that may result in serious injury or death.