American Racer tires are crafted under a unique philosophy that separates us from other brands. Our mission is to design and build a racing tire that is second to none on the track, yet provide unsurpassed value to each racing team. Promoters and racers everywhere are learning that maximizing tire sales to each racer is not healthy for the race teams or the sport. Today more than ever, cost control for the racers is essential to keep teams racing.
Our asphalt track racing tires are designed for Late Model, Modified/Sprint, Street Stock, DOT Street Stock, Midget/Mini-Stock and Mini-Cup. Repeatability and consistency of our asphalt track racing tires is what puts us ahead of our competitors among promoters and drivers. Our asphalt track racing tires are state-of-the-art with repeatable compounds and minimal drop off. American Racer tires are designed to meet varying track conditions with a wide range of custom compounds and constructions to ensure multiple nights of racing.
Choosing American Racer’s asphalt track racing tires gives you a high return on your investment. Saving the driver money means more drivers, which ultimately means a better, more exciting show.
For more information and technical specifications for American Racer’s asphalt track racing tires contact us today.

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