Race Track Equipment Tires from American Racer®

The heavy equipment around the track keeps the race running so make sure this vital equipment has the quality of American Racer® Tires through our sister company, Specialty Tires of America, where race track operators can find great deals for their heavy equipment tire needs.

To find the heavy equipment tire and or race track equipment tire that’s right for you, please visit the Specialty Tires of America web site or click on a track equipment tire link or track equipment tire image listed below.

Race Track Equipment Tires

Loader Grader Tires:
These high-quality tubeless tires are designed for road graders, front end loaders, dozers, forklift trucks and scrapers. Learn More
Back Hoe Tires (Front Tire):
Back Hoe tires are designed for steering axle service on tractors and backhoes in industrial service. Learn More

Industrial Tractor Tires:
These tires are constructed with a heavier carcass and tougher compounds. Learn More
Back Hoe Tires (Rear Tire):
Specialty Tire’s R4 Premium tires for backhoes and industrial tractors.
Learn More

Heavy Duty Truck Tires:
Specialty Tires of America produces these high quality bias ply tires for medium to heavy-duty trucks. Learn More
Tractor (R1) Tires:
The R1 tractor tire tread bar angle is placed for maximum traction. Learn More

Skid Steer Tires:
Big Jake® Skid Steer Tires for heavy-duty construction, agriculture and industrial uses. Learn More
Tractor (R4) Tires:
These tires are specially constructedfor use on back hoes, snow removal equipment and industrial tractors. Learn More