Bleess’ awesome autumn continues with Grant Junghans Memorial win

On a history-making night at the 81 Speedway where crew members, fans and racers honored the late Grant Junghans and paid tribute to hall-of-fame promoter C. Ray Hall, a young driver from Chatfield, Minnesota, named Jacob Bleess forever etched his name into dirt modified racing lore.

With the champagne still not dry on the Featherlite Fall Jamboree trophy he took home on September 21, Bleess gave the audience in Park City, Kansas, an encore performance with a wire-to-wire victory at the 4th Annual Grant Junghans Memorial.

Following a heat race win, Bleess revealed his formula for success in the main event: “Stay consistent, keep the tires on it and not get passed.”

The racing surface was spectacular and racy all weekend but locked down right away in Saturday’s feature race and put passing at a premium.

Drawing the pole position was the one box Bleess checked just to be sure.

“Got that clean air right away and knew if I had the lead and just quarter-throttle the whole time and keep the tires under it—I didn’t really see that many people blow tires—so I knew I was pretty good for how much I was saving,” a smiling Bleess said during his victory lane celebration. “It was a good night.”

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