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American Racer Tires

American Racer / McCreary History

The McCreary Tire & Rubber Company was founded in 1915 in Indiana, Pennsylvania to provide tires to an exploding automotive aftermarket. McCreary built a reputation for quality workmanship and continued to grow as a premium brand in the passenger, light truck, and medium truck tire markets. In the 1960’s, McCreary entered the race tire market.

Throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s, McCreary race tires continued to grow its market share. It maintained a reputation of providing performance excellence on the race track, while economic conditions in the replacement tire market generally forced niche manufacturers to restructure their business models. In 1992 McCreary changed its name to Specialty Tires of America. The new name better reflected the change from a manufacturer of commodity replacement tires to a company with a broader, more “specialized” product offering. This specialization allowed the company to increase its focus on product quality and performance excellence. In 1994, as part of the revitalization of the company, the American Racer® brand was introduced.

Today, after over 50 years of racing tire design and manufacturing, the American Racer® brand is raced around the globe on virtually every type of racing vehicle.


American Racing – Tire Quality

American Racer® tires are built in Indiana, Pennsylvania and Unicoi, Tennessee by hundreds of men and women who know the four tires under every race car are crucial to its performance in competition, so we take what we do very seriously.

American Racer® brand tires are designed, developed, and marketed by Race Tires America, Inc., a division of Specialty Tires of America. We are a performance driven, responsive company that is committed to continuously improving the quality of our products. Our racing tires are state-of-the-art, designed for performance, durability, repeatability, and consistency. They are second to none in an industry that is ever changing, and we are committed to the industry. Expect innovation. Expect quality. Expect value. Expect success!

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Custom Race Tire Manufacturing

American Racer® tires are built in our Indiana, Pennsylvania and Unicoi, Tennessee factories. We have been building racing tires since the 1960s. There are a myriad of unique race car classes, and nearly countless racing venues around the world, each with their own personality. We design and build racing tires that will excel at these tracks. Today we offer nearly 500 different racing tire SKUs that are customized for vehicle type, tire size, construction, and track conditions.

If you need a tire that will optimize racing performance at your track, either we already make it or we can. Just give us a call and see what we can do for you.